Its all Done in the name of Allah, Qur’an and Islam

Its all Done in the name of Allah, Qur’an and Islam

Muslims constitute the world’s second largest religious group. According to a 2010 study and released January 2011, Islam has 1.57 billion adherents, making up over 23% of the world population. Most Muslims are of two denominations: Sunni (75–90%) or Shia (10–20%). Islam is only an Arabian Religion whose prime architecture was prophet Muhammad and his four caliphates which had been adopted by other parts of the world only either by shine of sword or had adopted by some social groups only for being departed from barbarians or for other social problems. Amazing thing is history says many barbarian leaders had adopted the Islam for easy expansions of their empires. Only 2-5% of the whole Islamic followers are orthodox, violative and terrorists,  those dominates rest followers scaring them phobia of death, if they will leave Islam then there is only death and other cruelties as an option saying it as blasphemy; means Allah and Qur’an traps his followers i.e. once you adopted no escape. Why don’t these non-violative Islamic followers protest Violations against the mankind??? I think they are not staying in the age of Islamic kingdoms, that they can’t protest the inhumanity in Islam? Major spiritual leaders of Islam are mostly psychological disordered intelligent persons those spread hateredness, discrimination, cruelties, exploitation, blind belief, irrationality, criminalization to humans, warfare activities in the name of Allah, Islam, and Qur’an and use innocent and ignorant simple followers making them orthodox by washing their brain with “Qur’an” motivations for their selfish goals saying it all for the sake of Allah and commands of Holy Qur’an. Major terrorist leaders are Islamic orthodox followers and even spiritual leaders. They should be named as ASIF i.e. AntiSocial Islamic Followers and should be departed from social and non-violative Islamic followers. We stay in a age of globalization where racism, hegemony of any religion, brutality, barbarianism and inhumanity should not be tolerated.  Religion is not natural its only men made. These spiritual leaders and Authorities use their cunning ideas to control their followers and most of them are master of conspiracy and best in misuse of human strengths. There is no involvement of any super power  in the making of Qur’an which they call holy scripture; it has been fooled to Islamic world by their spiritual leaders and authorities even till to date with sweet lie moral stories. I request 98% of non-violative Islamic followers to re-frame their faith or use other options and should be departed from these orthodox violative believers from their faith world. If they won’t do this then they will be unnecessarily targeted for these few criminal Islamic groups by other faith followers. Impotency of these 98% Islamic followers act as silent supporter to promote violence by these few Islamic criminal groups which dominate not only their 98% Islamic followers but also they terrorize rest of other faith followers. Majorly if fear of death and other cruelties will be eliminated for blasphemy, then many Islamic follower will leave even Islam. Which means only fear of death controls the Islam;  polygamy, no family plannings only increases their followers. So its the time for them to think about their descendants. No religion is going to rule the world, so expansion of followers by any religion is not only foolishness but also madness effort by their authorities. All religion will be vanish in recent future due to acceptance of truth and reality by all faith followers due to spreading of rationality in our knowledge culture of human race.  Avoid religions so that you can avoid cruelties of religions. Make the world safest place for living beings by avoiding these religions or any kind of faith that harms to our human race. Only these cruel and criminal activity of any faith can make a revenge cycle which has no end, and will continue generation to generations, that will give only pain to our human race comparing to pleasures that we get from that faith.

140615125244-isis-0615-horizontal-galleryMembers of ISIS prepare to execute soldiers from Iraq’s security forces in this image, one of many reportedly posted by the militant group online.

Islam kills Christianity02beheading-children
A man holds the lifeless body of his decapitated daughter, executed by ISIS because she was of a Christian family.

1 3 4 6 140615125244-isis-0615-horizontal-gallery article-2719991-205D1A5A00000578-97_634x403 article-2719991-205D1AC200000578-714_634x403 article-2719991-205D1F6000000578-491_634x403 article-2719991-205D19D800000578-613_634x403 article-2719991-205D255C00000578-846_634x403 article-2719991-205D371F00000578-6_634x438 article-2719991-205D184700000578-360_634x403 article-2719991-205D292500000578-58_634x4032014081646A child is photographed, waiting to be killed by militants. ISIS uses these images.
timthumb.phpMarriage of ISIS Member with 7-Year-Old Girl.
17-twitteryoung-isis-recruits-cub-camps-watched-horror-accused-man-was-beheaded-by-executioner whackjob2.jpg urwwl url2 unable-bear-constant-rape-torture-yazidi-womanbeing-used-sex-slave-by-isis-has-begged-west turkey-syria-border-conflict timthumb.php timthudmb.php Terrorist-massacre-archive sotloff sot1 siria-10 shoebat_isis_1500_dvd.original Shannon_Conley_charged_with_aiding_ISIS_1766930000_6666752_ver1.0_640_480 Screen_Shot_2014-06-16_at_1.11.15_PM Screen_Shot_2014-06-16_at_1.10.33_PM savage-brutal-islamic-isis-40 IRAQ-UNREST-MOSUL ObamaLetIraqFall-MassDeaths_549275ef17059 nn_05ami_isis_140819 nn_1_isis_iraq_140829 murdered.christian.children.iraq_.by_.ISIS_ mideast-iraq mccain-isis Massacre-Deir-Ezzor man-executed-blasphemy LiveLeak-dot-com-a90_1407543574-05_1407544066.jpg.resized james-foley ISIS-terrorists-mass-execution isis-terrorists isis-posted-pictures-kurdish-soldiers-they-executed-including-female-fighters isis-mass-execution-20140712-3 Isis-main isislll ISIS3213121773200731.jpg ISISJapan_cropped_16x9_992 isis-gun-head ISIS-flogs-a-civilian isis-fakeout-june-16-2014a isis-execution-video-iraq- isis-execution1 isis-execution ISIS-executes-sunni-tribesmen-in-Dier-Ezzor-who-rebelled-against-them. isis-ejecucion1 ISIS-Crucifixion-Daily-Mail isis-child-sun-ramadan isis-beheading-kurdish-man isis-beheading-a-child-1 ISIS-Baby isis-7 isis2 isis1a isis1 isis isijs iraq-isis-women IRAQ-ISIS_2942458b iraqi-isis-terrorist-cannibal-butcherss iraq17n-7-web imawge2s images1 image2s i-8QW4F6H-M hqdefault heads death-video-12 death-video-2 death-video-1 daesh-girls-slaves-isis-4 d12655b4-f4c4-11e3-_717085c chinese-national-captured-in-iraq-2014-9-3 children-killed-in-Iraq BuAq8TSIYAEkeIQ beslan-russia beheading-isis beheading-isis beheading-children beheading iraqi soldier beheaded-David-Haines-2014-9-13 B1H-beaIgAAd_kf article-survivor-0904 article-kassig1-1116 article-isis-1117 article-2709433-2018276F00000578-423_634x341 article-2709433-2018276A00000578-977_634x341 vlcsnap-2014-06-17-09h01m12s110.png vlcsnap-2014-06-17-09h02m03s109.png alan-henning-ISIS-beheading alalam_635391345255591512_25f_4x31 aballah-twitter2 a4f97-227360802-e13807775059101 14077776461961_700 14077774201961_700 14077771781961_700 14065694671961_700 14065693001961_700 14063031181961_700 14063031031961_700 14063030871961_700 14063028391961_700 1415360659783_wps_14_Twitter_images_of_Isis_ex 1413634303943_wps_1_Enterprise_News_and_Pictu 140913185502-henning-isis-large-169 . 530770280 1897009_785305928198246_3545513631920066141_n 82066-lzuezs 2361C8F900000578-0-image-3_1416677930848 2014-iraq-isis 2014-07-10-isis-destroys-iraqi-shrines-02 640_2014_07_30_12_36_48 60ae8867-5f50-44c5-9fe2-8c4de83d19e3_16x9_600x338  9f7da-beheadingofsyrianchristianfrommaaloula 5-year-old-cut-in-half 2ee1df0c-5c92-4c0b-94dd-7063e8007125_16x9_600x338 1 mzP_os3mwgPVkSdfNBnYgw  beheading-children   article-2719991-205D292500000578-58_634x403 article-2719991-205D184700000578-360_634x403 article-2719991-205D371F00000578-6_634x438 article-2719991-205D255C00000578-846_634x403 article-2719991-205D19D800000578-613_634x403 article-2719991-205D1F6000000578-491_634x403 article-2719991-205D1AC200000578-714_634x403 article-2719991-205D1A5A00000578-97_634x403 140615125244-isis-0615-horizontal-gallery 6 4 3 1 02 Islam kills Christianity 02 3 4 6 140615125244-isis-0615-horizontal-gallery article-2719991-205D1A5A00000578-97_634x403 article-2719991-205D1AC200000578-714_634x403 article-2719991-205D1F6000000578-491_634x403 article-2719991-205D19D800000578-613_634x403 article-2719991-205D255C00000578-846_634x403 article-2719991-205D371F00000578-6_634x438 article-2719991-205D184700000578-360_634x403 article-2719991-205D292500000578-58_634x403 Islam kills Christianity

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